Steps To Configure Jio Internet on Rooted OnePlus (CyanogenMod13)

Last Updated November 17, 2016
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Steps To Configure Jio Internet on Rooted OnePlus (CyanogenMod13) - Viral Media Today

OnePlus' OxygenOS was so buggy on my OnePlus Three and I had to somehow get rid of it. So rooted my device and installed CyanogenMod 13. This was my first rooting experience and it went pretty well. But things weren't that good after installing CyanogenMod. The first issue I faced was that CyanogenMod didn't retrieve Jio internet settings, so I had to manually enter the data. Below you'll find the data I used. Another issue is that CyanogenMod doesn't support VoLTE yet which Jio uses. But you can still use Jio internet through LTE technology. Hopefully, Cyanogen will include VoLTE support when they release CyanogenMod 14. For the time being use the below setting to connect to Jio internet using your rooted or non-rooted OnePlus device using CyanogenMod.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on SIM cards.
  3. Tap on Mobile Data
  4. Tap on Jio 4G(Sim name might be different so make sure you select your Jio SIM).
  5. Under Mobile Networks settings on the same page tap on the SIM1 or SIM2.
  6. Turn your mobile data by sliding down the notification panel from the top and tap on the network icon and slide the button to turn it ON.
  7. Assuming you are still in SIM cards settings page Tap on SIM1 or SIM2 under Mobile Networks.
  8. Turn on Data roaming.
  9. Tap on ok.
  10. Tap on access point names.
  11. Tap on plus icon.
  12. Tap on Name and enter Jio and tap on OK.
  13. Tap on APN and enter jionet and tap on OK.
  14. Tap on Server and enter and tap on OK.
  15. Tap on authentication type and tap on none.
  16. Tap on APN type and enter default and tap on OK.
  17. Tap on APN protocol and tap on IPv4.
  18. Tap on APN roaming protocol and tap on IPv4.
  19. Tap on bearer and tap on unspecified.
  20. Tap on MVNO type and tap on none.
  21. Tap on the hamburger icon on top right and tap Save.
  22. Tap on Jio profile to make as default.

Jio internet will start in 2 minutes. If it does not start, restart your device and in most cases, the internet should start.

If you run into any issues let know through comments and I'll try to help you.

Written by Jijo Jose

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