Mashable Like Social Media Sharing Button for WordPress with Share Graph

Last Updated April 28, 2016
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When Mashable changed their site design couple of years back everyone went crazy. Bloggers wanted similar themes and many WordPress theme seller forums were filled with requests. Some requests, even included requests to build a share button plugin which had social share graph along with it. Mashable calls their graph "Mashable Velocity Graph". The graph shows how quickly people are sharing the article on the social Web.

Finally, Epic Plugins has done it for you. They have made a social share button which looks very much similar to Mashables social share button. They have also included the Velocity graph from Mashable. Epic Plugins calls this feature "Social Buzz Graph" and they claim that the graph serves the same function of Mashables Velocity Graph. You can get the plugin on Codecanyon for $19, it is named "Social Buzz WordPress Plugin - Social Share Graphs".Social Media Sharing Button for WordPress like Mashable with Share Graph - Social Share Plugin

The plugin currently only supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Linkedin. While Mashable has StumbleUpon and Pinterest extra. That's the only negative part I find in this plugin at the moment. I am sure the developers are working on adding more social media sites. Also, I am not sure how the Social Buzz graph works or does it work as they say. I will be trying out the plugin soon and will post a review.

I totally recommend Epic Plugins as I have tried their Social Gallery WordPress Video Viewer Plugin. They provide amazing support and frequent updates. You can read more about Social Gallery Plugin here. You should try it if you have YouTube/Vimeo videos on your WordPress site. I guarantee you increased shares resulting increased traffic.Social Media Sharing Button for WordPress like Mashable with Share Graph - Mashable

Add this plugin to a theme which looks similar to the Mashables website design, you will have a Mashable clone. A couple of months back, I wrote an article about Mashable Look alike WordPress Themes. Check out those themes and you will be all set to release an amazing blog.

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Written by Jijo Jose

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