Month: June 2016

June 23, 2016
Quit Sugar App - The Ultimate App Which Will Help You Reduce Your Sugar Intake

I consume a lot of sugar on a daily basis. I don’t smoke, drink or doesn’t do any kind of drugs. My eating habits were also healthy. For breakfast, I have light Indian food made Mom, for lunch salads, for dinner again light Indian food and for snacks biscuits and stuff. I followed this diet because I have a desk job and doesn’t move around much and this diet kept me thin(not exactly, still gained weight). I was under the impression that staying thin means staying healthy.

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June 4, 2016
5 Features of That Will Make You Fall in Love with eCommerce Site

Everyone loves gift. We share gifts on every occasion. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Farewells 🙁 , Festivals, etc. Gifts bring happiness and love. Gifts are special and there are thousand different ways to make them extra space and one way is to give a customized gift. Back in the days, we used to write down notes or design cards […]

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