My Name is Jijo Jose.

I am from Kerala, India. At the moment I am in Mumbai, India for my studies. I speak English, Malayalam, Tamil & Hindi and can write English, Tamil & Malayalam.
My hobbies are blogging, gaming, watching films and listening to music.

I finished my B.Sc. Animation and currently I am pursuing my MBA from Whistling Woods International, Mumbai.

Here in Viral Media Today, I mostly write about  Blogging, Tips 'n' Tricks, SEO, website creation etc.. I write the articles from my experience. Whenever I come across an issue and later when I solve them, I type down the solution and post it here. Sometimes I write articles when the readers make a request. You can post your question here.

Other than Viral Media Today, I have one more site which organizes monthly short film competition. Check out the site here.

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