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Last Updated February 10, 2016
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Instagram user base is rapidly growing and one thing everyone wants to do is to upload to Instagram from their personal computer. Wouldn't it be great, if it is possible to upload to Instagram from your computer. Instagram does have a website which can be accessed from our computer, but only supports viewing, liking, following & commenting. We cannot upload to Instagram using their website.

A workaround for this is by using a 3rd party software named "Gramblr". Gramblr helps you to upload your image on Instagram, you can also captions. Once it successfully uploads your picture, it gives the option to share your uploaded picture on Facebook & Twitter. Other links you get once upload is completed are Direct Link, Web Link, HTML Code, Forum BBC Code. Currently Gramblr supports Windows & Mac operating systems.

The image you want to upload should be optimized for Instagram and all the filters you want to apply should be applied beforehand. Gramblr doesn't have any option to edit images. Make sure your image dimension is 650px by 650px. Your picture won't be uploaded if the dimension is not correct, also the file size should not exceed 500kb.

Uploading to Instagram through Gramblr is simple:
1. Open Gramblr Photo Uploader
2. Sign in to Instagram
3. Choose the photo you would like to upload
4. Add a caption
5. Hit upload, that's it.

Upload A Picture to Instagram from your Computer - PC & Mac

If you are not good with Photoshop, you can try some free online image editor on which you resize, apply filters, do crazy stuffs, etc... One of my favorite editor is Pixlr by Autodesk. Out of the 3 options on the site I recommend Pixlr Express, it is good for both beginners and professionals. If you are in a hurry and need some pretty cool effects try Pixlr O-Matic, you can do epic stuff to your image in less than a minute. If you want to get your hands dirty try Pixlr Editor, you will get a lot of different options which are not available to Pixlr Express & Pixlr O-Matic.

Gramblr is a lifesaver for Social Media Managers. Most of the image they get to upload are in different dimensions and Pixlr+Gramblr will help them create amazing posts. There are moments when you find an old picture on your computer and wants to upload that to Instagram but is too lazy to transfer it to mobile. Gramblr is here to help these lazy ones.

What's your take on Gramblr? Do you know some other softwares like Gramblr? Let me know through comments.

Written by Jijo Jose

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