A Simple Keylogging Software Saved A Small Startup From Being Shut Down

Last Updated February 16, 2016
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When I first heard about one of my favorite startup being shut down, I was surprised because of many factors. First reason being, it generated more than $1 million in revenue in the previous year. They were into content syndication and came to know about them when I sold rights of one of my short films to them. They gave me a pretty good deal and I really enjoyed working with them. Second reason for me being shocked is that I wanted to sell my next short film to these people.

The first thing I did when I came to know about the shutting down is, I emailed the executive with whom I signed the deal for my previous short film and asked him about the shutdown. After a week I received a response confirming that they were shutting down because of low sales. CEO of the company was also CC’ed, so after 3 days I receive an email from the CEO thanking me for the continued support and other details about the shutdown. One thing I noticed from his email was that they had quality content with them but it’s not being placed properly to the market.

I wrote a personal mail to him asking him about his explanation for why the company is being shut down. And the answer was that the old team he worked was replaced by a group of new employees and soon he started to see sales go down and were not able to anything about it. He wasn’t just sure who wasn’t performing well, so he couldn't find a solution to the situation. Also, he didn’t want to punish all the employees just because a couple of them weren’t performing well. I wished him good luck for his future and said I’ll miss working with them. This conversation ended here and I moved on to find a new agency for my film. But after 6 months I received a promotional mail from these guys and I was surprised. A company which was closing down 3 months back sends me a promotional mail, I was curious. I emailed the CEO and asked about the promotional mail. He said they weren’t shutting down. As I was a supportive client. he went ahead and told me what happened.

He used a simple keylogging software to monitor his employees for a month and found out what was happening inside the company. He found out that, some of his employees were sending client data to the competitor and was accepting cash from them. No wonder their sales dropped. I congratulated him and said that I am happy that they are still operational. Also being curious about the software, I asked him what did he use to monitor his employees.

He was using a keylogger called Spytector. I did a quick Google search and found more details about this amazing piece of software. I downloaded their trial version to give the software a spin and was really impressed by the software. The only drawback I found in the trial version is that it was detected by my anti-virus, later found out that only trial version is detected by antivirus as the build is available publicly. SO I went ahead purchased the software. Boom! After installing the paid version, my anti-virus never detected it. There was no trace of Spytector on my PC. Shout out to the developer for achieving this, because almost every keylogger in the market fails when it comes to anti-viruses detecting the software. 

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The installation process was so simple that anyone can install the software without much technical knowledge. Spytector works with all the Windows OS’s out in the market.

I would totally recommend installing Spytector if you want to monitor your employees without them noticing. You think monitoring employees is not ethical? Yes, even I think that, but hey, you are paying them to work for you, not to send your data to someone else or watch cat videos all day. So if they perform less, you have the right to check what they are doing.

Go ahead and try Spytector. You can download the trial version here: www.keylogger.net.

Written by Jijo Jose

Founder welovefilm & ShortoftheMonth. MBA student, gamer & blogger. Loves watching Animated & Sci-Fi Films.

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