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Build An Alumni Website on WordPress - Plugins

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In this article I will share the information about all the plugin's I used to create my school's Alumni Association website. This tutorial was requested by Arjun Vishwan on the tutorial request page.

I will try to cover up most of the part and if you run into an issue, let me know through the comments, I will get back to you.

We will be using WordPress as our platform to run our Alumni Association website. I hope you have the basic knowledge of hosting and running a WordPress Website.

If you have a better and easy way of creating an alumni website, please let me know through the comments section.

Plugin's Used:

1Avia Feedback Box - feature request system - Premium - $25

The Avia Feedback Box is a feature request system for visitors and customers. They can suggest new ideas, vote on existing ones, and track your work progress.

Demo | Download

2. BP Group Organizer - Free

This plugin creates an administrative interface for organizing all of your BuddyPress groups.

Based on the WordPress Menu editor, BP Group Organizer makes it simple to get your BuddyPress groups just the way you want them, or just to get a handle on the growth of your site.

  • Easily create groups in one step
  • Edit multiple groups and group properties without waiting for page reloads
  • Delete unwanted groups in a flash

For users of BP Group Hierarchy, this plugin also allows you to move groups around the hierarchy by dragging and dropping. Get your groups just the way you want them, quickly and easily.


3. BuddyPress - Free

BuddyPress lets users sign-up and start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections, creating and interacting in groups, and much more. A social network in a box, BuddyPress lets you easily build a community for your company, school, sports team, or other niche community.

Demo | Download

4. BuddyPress Activity Plus - Free

BuddyPress Embed Activity gives your social network all the features and ease of Facebook when it comes to uploading and sharing media! The plugin adds 3 new buttons to your BuddyPress activity stream. Enabling you to attach photos, videos, and even share web links with everyone on your network!


5. BuddyPress Gifts - Free

This plugin make user can send gifts image to other members in BuddyPress. It uses activity stream to keep the gifts sent information. Members can choose a gift from the gift box in others member gifts tab and type a message to receiver member. Receiver member can delete or reply message using activity stream function in own profile. The administrator can upload, delete and edit gifts item in the backend admin dashboard


6. Chat Lite - Free

Start communicating! Bring live, two-way chat to your site. Host your own live chat sessions, interact with your visitors and boost your sales without needing any third party javascript or other code - works great with BuddyPress and Multisite too.


7. CubePoints - Free

CubePoints is a point management system for sites running on WordPress. Users can earn virtual credits on your site by posting comments, creating posts, or even by logging in each day! Install CubePoints and watch your visitor interaction soar by offering them points which could be used to view certain posts, exchange for downloads or even real items!

CubePoints is modular! And this means that it can be easily extended to offer more ways for your users to earn and spend points. APIs are also available for other plugins to work with CubePoints.


8. CubePoints Buddypress Integration - Free

Adds CubePoints support to Buddypress. Reward members using your BuddyPress portion of your website by giving them points and awards!


9. Q&A Lite - WordPress Questions and Answers Plugin - Premium - $19

With this plugin, you can bring full Questions and Answers functionality to any WordPress or BuddyPress site in mere minutes!


10. ThreeWP Activity Monitor - Free

Displays a multitude of user actions to keep the site administrator informed that all is well and that the blog or network is not being abused.

  • Logins (successful and failed)
  • Retrieved and reset passwords
  • Posts/pages created, updated, trashed, untrashed and deleted
  • Comments approved, trashed, spammed, unspammed, trashed, untrashed and deleted
  • Changed passwords
  • Changed user info
  • User registrations
  • User deletions
  • Custom activities from other plugins


11. White Label Branding for WordPress - Premium - $25

With White Label Branding for WordPress you can customize the menu’s and logo’s in WordPress and to decide which menu’s the users have access to.

Demo | Download

There are lots of other plugin's out there, but I recommend reducing the number of plugins. The more number of plugins, more chance of server crash and more down times.

Hope this post was useful and if you find it useful, please like the article and also our Facebook Page here.

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  1. Thank You for the list. They helped a lot.
    I have messaged you through the contact us page. Please respond. I need to set-up the website as early as possible. I am having a lot of trouble setting up BuddyPress.

    Thank You

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