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Last Updated July 25, 2016
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Indian e-commerce is booming since past couple of years and the growth is amazing. A report by Google India shows that there were 35 million online shoppers in India in 2014 Q1 and expected to cross 100 million mark by the end of 2016. We spend a lot on e-commerce sites, most of us like online shopping rather than physically walking to a shop. There are multiple factors for this, my main reason is that I’m lazy. Who wants to drive through the traffic and buy things? That's me though, I have friends who like to shop physically, they want to touch and feel the item before buying it. So we all have our reasons.

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Another reason why I like online shopping is discounts. We all are aware of the discounts online sites provide. Flipkart, when it started, grabbed our attention because of the low price it provided compared to retail stores. We love low price and discounts but let's not forget cashbacks. Cashback became a thing after e-wallets launched in India. It’s still growing.

There are 100’s of e-commerce websites in India and all of them provide different deals everyday. It’s not an easy task to find these discounts. Well, you can always sit and search through all the websites. Good luck with that. 😉

But there are many sites which list these deals and coupons. But only a couple of them are up-to-date. My favourite of all is CashSnap. Out of 25-30 coupon sites I’ve used only coupons from CashSnap worked every single time. It’s frustrating when a coupon is expired and it’s still listed on the site, but CashSnap coupons always work.

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CashSnap has listed all the top e-commerce websites on their site. They provide Amazon coupons, Flipkart coupons, Snapdeal coupons, Paytm coupons and much more. I’m looking forward to having more stores. CashSnap addresses the main issue which other coupon sites haven’t addressed so far. They don’t have expired coupons. All the coupons I used so far worked and this is something I look when I use a coupon site.

Try CashSnap today and let me know your experience via comments. Happy shopping. 🙂

Written by Jijo Jose

Founder welovefilm & ShortoftheMonth. MBA student, gamer & blogger. Loves watching Animated & Sci-Fi Films.

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