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Last Updated May 21, 2014
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Past few days Flappy Bird was all around the Internet. Unfortunately Dong Nguyen, the creator of the game decided to take down the game. He tweeted this:

I don't understand why he had to take the game down. In a previous tweet he said the press is overrating his game.

I was lucky(not really) enough to get the game before it was taken down. Today I was talking about the game to my friends and they wanted to try it but couldn't find it on App Store & Google Play. Google play has some alternatives, but I warned them about the infected apps. Some Flappy Bird rip-offs are infected.

Find the download link below. I've scanned this Apk with several anti-virus, so don't worry. You can directly download this apk to your mobile.

[ibs text="Download Flappy Bird" tooltip_text="" color="black" icon="download" border_radius="small_radius" size="large" link_url="http://download1453.mediafire.com/xob1iehpoxag/l0u55yv3t32j0mc/Flappy_Bird_v1.3.apk" link_target="_blank"]

Written by Jijo Jose

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